Add Two-factor Authentication

Use SMS and Voice-based unique codes to add more security to your users' accounts.

Two Factor Authentication

When you add 2FA to your users' accounts, they will still be safe even if a hacker finds out their passwords.

Accounts will be much safer because it's necessary to confirm something that only the user is in possession, like a security token, ID card or smartphone. The risk of security breach is drastically reduced with the addition of this second protective layer.

How It Works

2FA is basically a login where the user goes through two different steps before accessing their accounts. First, they type in their password. Then, they use a one-time passcode send through SMS or Voice to their phones. It basically ascertains the user knows something (password) and own something (their phones).

2FA can be used with


SMS-based one-time-only code

Voice API

Voice-based one-time-only code