Telephony Web APIs for
Web Developers

SMS sending, verifying mobile numbers, receiving and making calls:
Our web APIs have it all covered.

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Xoxzo is a Cloud Telephony Platform

Through simple and intuitive web APIs, Xoxzo empowers web developers by allowing them to manipulate phone calls and SMS. The APIs are hosted on the cloud and can be accessed through the internet.

Simple Web APIs: You don't need to know SIP to make voice calls

Through simple APIs using standard and simple HTTP calls, you do not need to know SIP or soft-switches to leverage telephony in your applications.

Save More: Pay only what you use and for as long as you use them.

No upfront costs and only pay for only what you use.


Send SMS
within minutes

Voice API

Make calls
without the hassle.

Dial In Numbers

Receive and process
incoming calls.

Telephony Utilities

Text-to-Speech, carrier identification and much more.

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