Web API for SMS

Send and Receive SMS (Text Messages) over the carrier network.

Send SMS messages to multiple carriers from a single API. You don't need to know which carrier your recipient is on. We'll figure that out for you. Perfect for your A2P messages.


Show your name instead of a number as the sender ID when sending messages to most networks.


Send messages in any language. Send your message in UTF-8 encoding, and if the recipient supports Unicode our message will be shown as it is.


Start adding messaging functionality to your application right away using our ready-to-use libraries for major programming languages.


When this optional parameter is provided, the link tracking function is enabled. The first URL/domain name in the message will be replaced with our private short-url before being sent. In the event of that the recipient clicks the link on their device, the date & time of the access to the url will be recorded.


Optional direct connection sending to Docomo, KDDI, Rakuten Mobile and SoftBank subscribers in Japan. K-Premium allows you to use a specific Sender ID as the sender of your message for Docomo & KDDI & Rakuten Mobile subscribers. For subscribers of SoftBank operators, Sender ID will be a fixed number. Please refer to our Help center page for K-Premium for more information.


Optional selective direct connection sending to Docomo, KDDI, and Rakuten Mobile subscribers in Japan. K-premium Lite picks Docomo & KDDI & Rakuten Mobile subscribers and routes directly with pre-set Sender IDs while the sendings SoftBank subscribers will not be sent with the direct connection. Please refer to our Help center page for K-Premium Lite for more information.

Check the status of your SMS after they have been sent. For real-time status of your messages, you can specify a callback URL and we'll call that URL the moment the network informs us of the message's delivery status(DLR).

SMS In Numbers (SIN) are local numbers (DID) which you can subscribe and receive SMS with. When incoming message is received at one of these numbers, we'll make a POST request to a URL you specify, sending incoming message received data.

We have web APIs that allow you to manipulate SMS In Numbers such as subscribe, set action URLs to be called when incoming message received and also unsubscribe numbers.

In general the receive SMS messages API service flow is as follows :
  • You search for an available number.
  • Once you find a number you like, you subscribe to that number and set an action URL.
  • You can then retrieve the data from incoming received message on the SIN which being sent to the action URL.

For more details on the SMS sending and other related APIs

SMS Pricing

Prices are based on the country to which you'll be sending messages to. Please note that prices may vary depending on the provider.

SMS send
(Japan) From

10 credits / sms

SMS receive

3 credits / sms