Pricing and payments

Pay only what you use

Registration is free, and there are no fixed monthly charges. You will only pay what you use, and if you don't use anything, then there is nothing for you to pay.

Credits and Credit Packages

In order for you to use our API, you will require to purchase credits. Credits are sold in packages with the prices below, ranging from JPY2,000 to JPY300,000 per package. All payments will include taxes where applicable.

For actual credits needed to use the API, it will depend on what API or resources you will be using. Refer to the Pricing section below.

Amount of JPY credits Package price (excl. tax)
JPY2,000 creditsJPY2,000
JPY5,000 creditsJPY5,000
JPY7,000 creditsJPY7,000
JPY10,000 creditsJPY10,000
JPY15,000 creditsJPY15,000
JPY20,000 creditsJPY20,000
JPY30,000 creditsJPY30,000
JPY40,000 creditsJPY40,000
JPY50,000 creditsJPY50,000
JPY80,000 creditsJPY80,000
JPY100,000 creditsJPY100,000
JPY150,000 creditsJPY150,000
JPY200,000 creditsJPY200,000
JPY250,000 creditsJPY250,000
JPY300,000 creditsJPY300,000

Usage Price

Usage prices are based on the chargable resources that you use. The available resources are listed below.


Voice API

Dial In Number API

Telephony Utilities APIs

How to pay

In order for you to start leveraging our Cloud Telephony Platform, you'll need to purchase credits.

You can purchase credits using one of the methods below:

Paying by credit card

To keep your credit card information safe, we do not process your credit card directly but utilize Stripe. You can pay using any of the credit card brands below.

Visa  Mastercard  American Express 

Bank transfer

Credit purchases by bank transfers are also possible for packages larger than 30,000 credits. Please contact and we will issue an invoice for you.

Post-pay program

We also have post-pay program contracts for corporate clients. Note that there will be a screening process by us before the post-pay program can be approved. Please contact for details.