Registration is free, and there are no fixed monthly charges.
You will only pay what you use.

1 Credit = 1 JPY (tax excl.)

* A consumption tax (10%) will be added if you are a resident of Japan.

(For example, 1,000 Credits = 1,000 JPY + 100 JPY (10% tax))

How to pay

All other available utilities related APIs which are not listed here with specific prices are free of charge.

Carrier Lookup API

API call request for carrier information

5 credits / call

Text To Speech

The Text To Speech optional functionality allows you to pass a text string to the voice API and it will automatically generate the necessary voice and playback during the call.

Text to speech functionality

1 credits / call

  • Credits you are about to purchase will expire in 90 days from the date of purchase. A pre-notification of the expiry will be sent to your registered email address.

  • Connectivity and prices relies on many parts within the transmission chain. Prices may change, and connectivity can be lost without prior notice. Xoxzo tries hard to keep them stable, but there's no guarantees.

In order for you to start leveraging our Cloud Telephony, you'll need to purchase credits.
You can purchase credits using one of the methods below :

Paying by Credit Card

To keep your credit card information safe, we do not process your credit card directly but utilize Stripe. You can pay using any of the credit card brands below.

Visa Mastercard American Express
Bank Transfer

Credit purchases by bank transfers are also possible for purchases more than 100,000 credits. Please contact us and we will issue an invoice for you.

Post-pay Program

We also have post-pay program contracts for corporate clients. Note that there will be a screening process by us before the post-pay program can be approved. Please contact for details.

* Please do not send Specified Electronic Mails.