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Integrate the Xoxzo Voice and SMS APIs into your system to make the process of reservation confirmations, reminders, important announcements, staff communication and more, much easier.

Reservation confirmations

When guests reserve for your restaurant at your website, an automatic SMS message will go out to their phone number on which they can click a link to confirm their reservation. They are now also able to check their reservation at any time.

Reservation reminders

Avoid no-shows by reminding guests of their reservations, this is especially recommended for big groups. Include a phone number or link in the message, so guests can easily change or cancel their reservation.

Important/emergency announcements

If you have to change your opening times or close the restaurant suddenly because of weather, natural disasters, holidays or because of personal reasons it’s important to notify both your staff and your guests as fast and reliably as possible. Calling each person individually takes a lot of time and if you send an email it is likely that some people don’t see it. This is where you can record an audio file (or use our text-to-speech function) and use our Voice API to let this message about the emergency go out to your staff and/or guests. You can program it in a way that if the voice call isn’t answered that an SMS message is triggered with the information that your staff and/or guests need.

Announce new and seasonal items on your menu

Use the Xoxzo SMS API to send text messages about new additions to your menu such as seasonal items. Include a link to the new menu, your reservation page or a phone number to increase reservations. You can encourage reservations even more by including a discount code for the first few customers.

Coupons for the off season

Additionally, you can also offer discount coupons by SMS to increase the number of reservations during the off season, lunch time, or days that your restaurant is generally less busy.

Staff communication and schedule changes

Use the Voice or SMS API for important information that concerns your staff, especially after working hours when they’re not checking their email. This can include sudden schedule changes, when a staff member is sick and you’re looking for a replacement and so on.

Use a Xoxzo phone number for great customer service

Our Dial-in-numbers API allows you to subscribe to a local Japanese phone number that customers can use to make reservations and ask questions. You can program the number to react differently according to day and time. For example, when the restaurant is closed it will automatically go to voicemail, during busy hours the call will be transferred to the office, and so on. This is also an easy way for international businesses to obtain a Japanese phone number for their restaurant without having to speak Japanese since we can help you in English.

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