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Improve your patient care, and hospital staff communication by using the Xoxzo SMS and Voice APIs.

Appointments and test results

  • Use our SMS API to send appointment confirmations to patients so they can be sure that their online booking was successful. Include the appointment date, time and the address to the hospital or clinic so patients can check the appointment details any time, even without internet access.
  • Many hospitals and clinics struggle with managing patients not showing up to their appointments, which wastes the time of doctors and nurses and disrupts their schedules. By sending appointment reminders you can reduce the number of no-shows. Include a link so patients can change the date of their appointment or cancel.
  • You can also use our SMS API to notify patients of their test results. Depending on the policy of your hospital or clinic, you can include the result directly in the SMS or send a link to your website so patients can log in and then view their results. Our SMS or Voice API can be used as 2FA so patients feel secure that their information is well protected. Depending on the result you can also include a link for the patient to schedule a follow-up appointment.
  • Set a Xoxzo phone number as a customer service number: Our Dial-in-numbers API allows you to subscribe to a local Japanese phone number which can be used as a customer service number in case patients have questions.

Send reminders and receive useful feedback:

  • Make your patients’ lives easier by reminding them to pick up their prescriptions. With the SMS API you are able to set a time frame such as a month during which the reminder will be sent again.
  • It is also useful to remind patients about payments, fees and bills.
  • After the appointment/treatment of a patient you can send a link to a survey by SMS to receive feedback about the quality of the treatment, the doctor in charge and the hospital/clinic in general. This feedback is useful for improving your services in the future.

Improve communication amongst hospital staff:

  • The SMS API makes it easy to send out SMS messages to all hospital staff when it concerns an important announcement such as closing down a part of the building due to maintenance but you can also send announcements to specific groups. Let a group of doctors know when there are changes to the plan, for example when they have to use a different operating room.
  • SMS is a quick and easy way for staff to request their preferred shifts. And also to notify the staff of their shifts and schedules. When a staff member suddenly can’t come to work everyone can be notified in the fastest way possible.

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