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Xoxzos’ APIs help you increase your productivity by automating campaigns before, during and after the event, making your planning process smoother, faster and providing the best service to your customers.

Xoxzo APIs for event planners

Use our APIs to promote:

  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Weddings and social events
  • Sports and competition events
  • Private dining and culinary events
  • Fundraising and charity events

Before the event

Event promotion

  • Promote new events: Did you know that 97% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of receiving? Unlike email, you can be sure that your marketing message doesn’t go unnoticed when using the Xoxzo SMS API. Take advantage of your customer database to promote new events that they may be interested in and include a link to your website.
  • Offer incentives: offer early bird discounts to boost ticket sales. You can also segment your customer list and send special promotions to specific groups like VIP customers.
  • Send reminders: After the initial promotion, you can also automate reminders to go out after a while to encourage and remind potential customers to buy a ticket to your event.
  • Encourage excitement: Keep future attendees excited about the event by sending them news about the event, give them more information about what will happen or who will be there. This may also encourage them to talk about the event to a coworker or friend.

Customer service
  • Automated helpline: subscribe to a local Japanese phone number to set as a helpline. You can set a message using text-to-speech or an audiofile to play, or transfer the call to another phone number to talk to staff depending on their inquiry.
  • 2 Factor authentication: protect the data of your customers by having them create their account using 2 factor authentication and protect yourself from spam accounts in the meantime.

During the event

  • Keep them updated: welcome your attendees and send them a detailed schedule on the day of the event. This makes people feel like they are part of the event and that they know what is going on and when. Attendees are always able to access important event information through SMS, even when events take place in remote areas with limited internet access.
  • Prize draws or competitions: for entertainment events like music or sports you can use SMS for prize draws and competitions for official merchandise, backstage passes or free tickets to a future event.
  • Staff communication: notify your staff of sudden changes during the event, emergencies and work shift changes.

After the event

  • Survey: send out a survey by SMS by including a link, and find out what the attendees enjoyed at your event and what could be improved in the future.
  • Future event promotion: target customers who attended similar events

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