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The Xoxzo’s Voice and SMS API’s for the education industry make it easy to send out mass notifications to parents as well as staff improving the efficiency of your organization.

Xoxzo APIs for education

Use Xoxzo’s web APIs to inform parents of:

  • Emergencies like bad weather conditions, earthquakes etc.
  • School cancellations
  • Early dismissals
  • Parent appointments with teachers
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Medical checkups
  • Scholarship information
  • Overdue applications
  • Student attendance and academic progress updates

Communicate with your staff about:

  • Meetings
  • Shift changes
  • School cancellations
  • emergencies

Emergency notifications for parents

  • It is important to notify parents right away about important news such as school cancellations and early dismissals due to weather or natural disasters. By using Xoxzo you can use the SMS or Voice API to either text or send an audio message to parents. Or even set it up so that a voice message goes out first, and if it goes unanswered the parents receive the information in an SMS.
  • Because 97% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes of receiving, you can be sure that parents don’t miss these important notifications, or by using the Voice API you won’t have to call them one by one, which saves time.

Notify parents of school-related events and due dates

  • Send parents SMS messages about school-related events and include a link to the website of the school for more information. If direct attention is required for example for tuition fees, you can choose to use the Voice API instead.

Semi-individual notifications

  • Not only can you send mass notifications by SMS or Voice, you can also send (semi-)individual notifications. This can be useful for notifications that don’t need to go out to everyone, for example medical checkup results for only one class, scholarship information for specific students and so on.

Staff notifications

  • You can also use Xoxzo’s APIs for improved staff communication. Emails often go unread so for important matters, especially outside working hours it can be beneficial to use SMS or Voice notifications to notify staff about emergencies, shift changes, school cancellations and so on.

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