Dial In Number API

Receive and process incoming calls

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Dial in Numbers

Dial In Numbers (DIN) are local numbers (DID) which you can subscribe and receive calls with. When a call is received at one of these numbers, we'll make a GET request to a URL you specify that will contain commands on how to process the call (i.e transfer it to another number, play a music file or say something using Text-to-Speech).

We have web APIs that allows you to manipulate the Dial In Numbers such as subscribe, set action URLs to be called when a call comes in and also unsubscribe numbers.

In general the DIN API service flow is as follows:

  • You search for an available number
  • Once you find a number you like, you subscribe to that number and set an action URL
  • Make the commands available via the action URL
  • You can then receive calls on the DIN and process them

For a detailed tutorial on how to start using Dial In Numbers for your projects, read our DIN Tutorial on our blog

Refer also to our documentation on the format and usable commands that is available to process incoming calls via the action URL.

For pricing information and supported Dial In Numbers, please go to our pricing page.