As part of our committment to reduce costs for our customers and part to highlight magnificent work available from the community, we actively use community sourced media and creative resources for our website and services.

The below lists the media resources which we use under the Creative Commons licenses.

Media file Created by Licensed under
Various icons Freepik CC BY 3.0
SCART lead Joe Anderson CC BY-SA 2.0
Money Alexandru-Dan Neagu CC BY 2.0
Webtreats Tileable Cloud Patterns and Texture 2 webtreats CC BY 2.0
Odd find in my briefcase: 657 JPY BriYYZ CC BY-SA 2.0
Question box Raymond Bryson CC BY 2.0
Birds of a feather Steve Voght CC BY-SA 2.0
Payments keyboard button GotCredit CC BY 2.0
Approved keyboard button GotCredit CC BY 2.0
Pay keyboard button GotCredit CC BY 2.0
Crosseyed kitten Niels Kliim CC BY 2.0
Gauges Samuel Z. CC BY 2.0
Shopping with iPhone Jason Howie CC BY 2.0
Last time we spoke ona Anglada Pujol CC BY 2.0
Talking to daddy Michelle Waspe CC BY 2.0